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Memperbaiki handphone Saat Muncul Contact Service

Cara Memperbaiki Hp Yang tidak bisa di Charge

Cara Memperbaiki Hp Yang tidak bisa di Charge Kerusakan Hp yang tidak bisa di charge menimbulkan kita kebingungan dalam masalah perbaikan nya. Diantaranya kita sering menganti Charger( alat pengisi bateray) . Sebelum kita melakukan pemeriksaan pada komponen hp , alangkah baiknya jika kita mengecek charger nya dulu, caranya yaitu dengan mencoba alat charger lain dengan tipe dan model yang sama, lalu kita coba hubungkan ke hp tersebut. Selain itu jika anda penasaran dengan alat charger yang anda miliki , Anda bisa juga memakai hp lain yang tipe dan lubang charge yang sama dengan hp tersebut, kita hubungkan keduanya, jika ternyata Charger nya tidak ada masalah, kita lakukan langkah berikutnya dengan cara pengecekan pada komponen hp.

Berikut adalah clangkah - langkah untuk memperbaiki Hp yang tidak bisa di Charge :

  1. Apabila tulisan "Not Charging" muncul di layar hp, pada saat proses pengisian ulang batery dan indikator pada layar hp berjalan, tetapi batery tidak terisi atau sebaliknya, pada saat pengisian betery, batery terisi tetapi indikator pada layar hp diam, berati kerusakan seperti ini disebabkan oleh kerusakan pada IC Chager , gantilah ic tersebut dengan yang baru.
  2. Apabila batery sudah terisi penuh, tetapi indikatornya masih tetap berjalan, maka kerusakan seperti ini disebabkan oleh kerusakan pada IC POWER. Gantilah ic tersebut dengan yang baru.
  3. Jika pada saat akan melakukan proses pengisian ulang pada batery tiba- tiba hp tersebut mati sendiri, maka kerusakan seperti ini juga sering disebabkan oleh IC CHARGER dan IC POWER yang sudah rusak
  4. Jika pada waktu hp tidak di charge tetapi indikator pengisi batery masih tetap berjalan , berarti kerusakan seperti ini disebabkan oleh kerusakan pada software hp. Cara yang harus dilkukan untuk memperbaikinya yaitu dengan melakukan program ulang ( flash ) pada hp tersebut.

Cara Memperbaiki Hp Tidak Bisa Panggilan Keluar

Cara Memperbaiki Hp Tidak Bisa Panggilan Keluar , pernah anda menemukan kerusakan handphone anda dalam hal ini handphone anda memiliki kerusakan seperti tidak dapat memanggil  melalui kontak handphone anda pada saat ingin menelfon keluar kontak panggilan. Pada kasus seperti ini hp tidak bisa digunakan untuk memanggil meskipun terdapat sinyal di layar Hp. Tapi jangan masalah disini saya akan memberi tahu cara- caranya.

Berikut adalah cara- cara untuk memperbaiki Hp yang tidak bisa untuk memanggil :

  1. Cara pertama yaitu sebelum Anda membungkar Hp, periksalah pengaturan pada menu hp "Call Setting dan Phone Setting " apakah sudah benar???
    • Pada menu Call Setting/ Pengaturan panggilan : dalam menu ini terdapat menu " kirim identitas pemanggil saya " pilihlah " diatur jaringan atau ya " ( apabila pilihan " tidak " dipilih maka hp Anda tidak bisa untuk memanggil, kecuali untuk operator tertentu saja seperti xl, three, dan indosat )
    • Pada menu "saluran untuk panggilan keluar " pilih saluran 1.
  2. Jika pengaturan sudah benar, maka langkah selanjutnya yaitu dengan membongkar bagian hp, untuk langkah pertama kita kita lakukan dengan pengecekan pada IC PA dan jalurnya.
  3. Jika ternyata IC PA rusak, maka gantilah dengan yang baru.
  4. Apabila IC PA sudah diganti tetapi masih tidak bisa digunakan untuk memanggil, langkah selanjutnya adalah dengan pengecekan pada IC RF (HAGAR ), blower ulang IC tersebut,jika tetap, gantilah IC RF ini dengan yang baru.
  5. Jika semua cara telah dilakukan, tetapi masih tetap saja tidak bisa digunakan untuk memanggil, maka langkah terakhir yaitu dengan mengeflash hp tersebut.

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Latest Search Engine Optimization Tips Tricks ( SEO ) 2017

 Latest Search Engine Optimization Tips Tricks  ( SEO )  2017 The definition of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) itself is a position Efforts Optimizing a web page on the top ranking search results from search engines or search engines. and if you can master this SEO technique, you do not need to write dozens or even hundreds of articles blindly just to get visitors to the blog. because the quality of an article SEO is more important than the quantity. implementation techniques on difficult keywords you entered may be a lot of problems on your self itself of course, looking for an alternative that makes your site a prime position on a particular keyword you want that if you want to learn such things.

Immediately, Free High PR Do Follow Directory Submission Sites list 2017 here will I peeled one by one in 2016 SEO Tips Tricks that I summarized from various sources can be believed as well as from my research over the years hahahha.Tips Tricks in the world of SEO broadly divided into two, namely OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO, but here I will not discuss Onpage and Offpage SEO, because essentially both these tricks are the same, namely to make the position of a web page we are on the top rank results search engines or search engines.Onpage SEO deals with the optimization of the existing articles on the home page of our website, such as the use of titles, tags H1 H2 and so forth, whereas SEO Offpage related to link building or the number of quality and relevant links that lead to articles or web ours.

discuss about SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is List Blog Directory, RSS Submit, Doc Share, Dir Submission High PR 2017 said difficult, difficult, cumbersome and complicated. Actually, SEO is very easy if we already know the basics of the use of Tricks Seo itself, my own learning SEO autodidact, ranging from learning from the forums seo, blogs the mastah SEO to conduct research SEO myself, and once I alhamdulillah apply many visitors who stopped by my blog although I rarely do post articles or promotions here and there for getting visitors. from many sides you must memahai various methods you need to learn if you are a foreign visitor who enters the site because you see the keywords that you search on media search engine is one of the alternative power of your website is spam techniques and the like is not so? Below is one example that you need to understand it to learning such things, of course Auto Backlink Generator 2017.

1. Content is King

In making an article or content of a blog, the quality of content we make must be very noticed, do not rush into making an article just because it wants to increase the number of visitors, create a quality article, which is good in reading and not too short, so visitors will linger in our blog.

I was alone in making one article alone can take hours to write, because I want to create a quality article and liked by visitors of my blog, and if my article user friendly then google will love it too.

the length of visitor stay and read our blog has also become one of the benchmarks algorithms search engines especially Google to put the article we are at the top of search results from search engines, so left a long way to make a lot of articles regardless of the quality of the article, because it tersebuat InsyaAllah will not last long, because the logic if we opened a blog and read articles in these blogs and then find the articles that was written hard to read, the style of language is inconsequential then automatically we will be looking for articles on other blogs that the article is its ease in reading and easy to understand.

2. Note Article Title

One very important thing in making article is a title, the title Make it interesting and relevant to the content of the article you created, for example, is an article that I made it, "Tips Tricks Recent SEO 2017", sounded interesting instead. with an interesting title of course it will make the visitors who are looking for articles through the machine pecari be interested in visiting our blog, after a visitor interested in our articles, they will read our article, this is point number one above will be used.

3. Must Contain Permalink Keyword

Permalink or Link of the article that we make are also very influential in its role to improve the position of Search Results from our web page.

4. Spread Keyword in Beginning to the End Articles

Tips next, put the keyword you are targeting in the beginning until the end of the article, if you pay attention to my articles you will find keywotd "Tips SEO Tricks Recent 2017" starting from the beginning of the article until the end of the article I wrote, the aim is for my article which will in crawled by google bot is considered relevant to the title that I made and not the junk article or articles spam

5. Create a Compelling Description Search and Contain Keyword

Then that is not less important in Search Engine Optimization is the use Descripsi search, search description will explain or describe the content or the content of your article on the search engines, and in making the search description do not forget to include the keyword you are targeting in it. Here is an example search description that I have made.

6. Link Building

Tips Next in SEO is Link Building or build a link that leads to a webpage us, in building a link that leads to our blog to note the source of the link, not to links that we can be sourced from websites that are not relevant to blog or article, we can build links by commenting on other people's blogs or websites that have a good reputation in the search engines and have the same topic with our blog, try also find backlinks from websites such as .edu or .gov website for repute very good in the eyes of search engines.

7. Utilize Social Media

The latter is to make good use of social media that exist, such as facebook, google plus, twitter and others, join a group or community in facebook and google plus that has many members and promote your articles there, or make fanspage for web or blog so that people who like the page can be viewed every article that you update.

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How To Repair The Damage To The Phone ?

 4 Ways to Fix Micro SD Not Legible (BROKEN)damaged sd card try reformatting it How to Fix Damaged SD Card ? how to fix a damaged sd card without formatting it’ Actual damage memory cards are physically very rare, unless he folded, sd card damaged you may have to format it android exposed to high-temperature heat, or bumped very hard to be separated from his patron. Well, just estimate what circumstances that allows cell phone or memory card you  damaged android experienced something like that, seldom really happen right? That’s why almost all memory card manufacturers dare to give a lifetime warranty.
More often, it is the destruction of data in it. The data in question here is not just the data in the form of a photo, video or music files, but also the system storage format. If the damage is such, there is still hope to save some or all of the files in it, although not 100%.
your memory card has become corrupt Type of Damage In Sd Card as follows SD card unmounted and saying damaged:
  • Often moved around
    Actually, it really does not need to be done unless you change phones. If only to copy the file, there are many options how to transfer files between HP securely, via Bluetooth or WiFi connection, or if the data cable to the laptop. Memory cards are often moved around will be more susceptible to disease, because it must often adapt to the place and the new operating system.
  • Wrong How to Move
    Although you are in a hurry, try to be patient when it was forced to revoke the memory card from the HP and move it into a card reader or other HP. Turn the HP in advance, wait 10-20 seconds, then unplug your memory card.
  • Exposed to oil or dirt
    Make sure your hands are clean of dirt or grease when holding the memory card. Dirt would make him unable to connect well with readers in HP or card reader.
  • exposed to Virus
    Some viruses can make your memory card paralyzed. Although the trend for new viruses no longer like that. Viruses today work more ruthless, they are no longer destroy, but to steal and he exerts so that you can work a maximum HP, so that they penucrian action continues. Make sure the HP laptop or where you retrieve files safe from viruses. Also when you download files from the internet, make sure you only download from sites that are safe. Especially when you download the apk file an application or game.
  • magnets
    This is the main enemy of all types of magnetic-based storage media. Data on the memory card is written and read using a magnet, certainly not that simple explanation. Start of since the days of the cassette with the tape first, the magnet can damage the structure of the stored data to a random mess. So, tips cuman one: avoid cell phone or memory card from a source magnets or magnetic fields such as speakers, TV sets sail CRT, an electric motor coil, and so on.
  • Working too hard for a long time
    If you are still using the HP standard applications, not already tweaked to a maximum, the one still safe from damage due to these causes. But if you’ve done the heavy tweaking, such as changing the video storage settings, the results are remarkable, as I use the Xperia Ray using camera modding of mastah Rizal, 18 minutes of video recording the resulting file can be up to 580 MB. Make a memory card to work extra hard when storing for very large data streams in a short time. If this constantly, yes … know consequently J
Although your memory card brand and the best manifold, but remember they can not fix yourself, so you yourself should keep their health at the same time backing up the data on it regularly. It was easy KoG, can backup to a laptop, or to a cloud storage like google drive.

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All Firmware Flashing tool Mobile Free Downloads ,Ios ,Android , ipsw

 All Firmware Flashing tool Mobile Free Downloads ,Ios ,Android , ipsw If you’re looking for your phone software, please try some of the links we provide below to improve your phone software course Firmware Upgrade All Android Brand China .
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