Jumat, 23 Desember 2016

Troubleshooting Touchpad

Troubleshooting HP Touchpad   often you see a wide range of damage on your mobile phone that is why you need to see a different side of its own to solve the problems of your mobile phone, you can usually solutions include a complete understanding of the hardware and software itself

Device wont turn on 

step 1
Has the device been charged recently?
If yes: Then proceed to step 2.
If not: The charge the device for at least 2 hours.

step 2
Make sure that the charger is properly seat, to ensure that the charger is 

  • Disconnect the cable from the AC charger
  • Hold the Ac charger using both hands
  • Twist the cap, and twist it back until it snaps into place-if the cap is remove, place the cap back to its base and make sure it properly aligned back to the base.
  • Charge you device again, for a couple of minutes
 Still not turning on?

step 3
Perform a force restart

Please refer to 6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again, step 3
Still not turning on?

step 4
Plug your device to the computer, using the same cable.
What do you see on the touch pad's screen when its connected to the computer?
  • Battery with a question mark - try to perform a force restart(refer to 6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again-step 3). If the force restart didn't work, possibly there is a hardware problem with your device.

  • Center button flashing left/right - The device is completely drain, let your device charge using the AC charger for 2 hours, it needs to have a certain amount of charge to for the battery icon to show up.

  • Battery icon with a lightning bolt - Device needs to be charge for 2 hours, the lightning bolt is an indication that its charging.

  • A Message on the Touchpad's screen, telling you to use the proper charger - It means, you touchpad can detect your computer or the other way around, cable is fine, the AC charge might be defective.

  • None of the above - USB cable might be defective.
NOTE: If your device is still under warranty, you can try asking for an accessory(ex. Ac charger, USB cable) replacement from the manufacturer.

NOTE: If the steps did not resolve the issue, there could be a hardware problem with your device.